My plant food… or the blogs plus that I read

I am a reader, I can’t help it. I enjoy reading… And that takes me back to childhood, when my Mom used to call us to supper and us three kids, well, ignored her. Because we all three were – reading.

Well, my favourite digital reads are two, they both have their boring moments, but I can’t wait to read them when they land in my inbox – or I leave them for a treat read at the end of a busy day to enjoy with a drink!

They are Georgina Read’s The Planthunter, an Australian online magazine. And Prof Tim Entwisle’s Talking Plants, a regular blog.

And don’t ask me how I found either of them – but I did, somehow, when I was wondering around the internet a while back. And I’ve stuck with them. Unfollowed all the facebook pages and others that clutter up my life – but not these two. I’m hooked…

Georgina Reid and Daniel Shipp, who does most of the photography for The Planthunter, have just published a book with the same name – but I haven’t got my short, hard worked nails into it yet – Takealot are still thinking about bringing the book in…

So take a taste for yourself of The Planthunter – and don’t stop there. Continue wandering through their short sharp topics:

See what I mean?

And now about Prof Tim Entwisle and Talking Plants. He works as Director & CEO of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Australia. Blogs. Talks on Radio Shows – says what must he do with the interesting information he finds from time to time if he does not blog?

So get a taste of Talking Plants:

And I have a favorite, anecdotal South African writer too: Dave Pepler.  Some free time one day took me into a Bargain Books – and I found a copy of Immergroen … worth a read! It is now available in English too. He’s a presenter on an Afrikaans Environmental TV program, Groen, on Kyknet, DStv.

That’s enough from me for now. Just thought the rest of the plant nuts out there might enjoy reading what I read. Happy Reading!

Sue Kingma
Sue Kingma
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